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How do you choose the right service vendor  ?
Pricing Consideration
You wnat to choose a vendor who can offer reasonable pricing for the job. Should you go for the lowest pricing ? Probably not.  No matter how low or how high  the vendor quotes, he must be able to recover the data at the quoted price agreeable to you. If he fails, the chance of successful recovery in subsequent attempt will be greatly diminished.  It is better for you to focus on a trust-worthy vendor who can succeed in his job at a price level acceptable by you.

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ADRC is the also the appointed recovery vendor for the  following helpdesk centres where you will find our showcase :

Acer HelpDesk Centre
Apple Service Centre
Imation Service Centre
Lenovo Helpdesk
Challenger's PC Clinics
Fujitsu Service Centre

Do some background investigation of the vendor. Virtual web sites are always deceptive so why not pay a visit to the vendor's office before making a decision ?At least give them a call to see how they respond. How long they have been in business?  Is data recovery their prime activities?  To work on a crashed disk, do they have a clean room or they just claim to have one at some mysterious place?
Check up if the vendor has good customer feedbacks. Beware as such references can be easily fabricated on their web sites so use your wisedom to authenticate such claims.
You may also get some idea through words of mouth when you ask around friends, colleagues, relatives or service help desks.
It is also common for trusted service vendors to partner other industrial vendors,manufacturers and service helpdesks. Be on the look up for such relationship and call them up to references.

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ADRC offers competitive pricing and also special discount for home users, students and Non-Profit-organization.

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Established in Singapore since 1998, ADRC is proud to withstand the test of time and receive  a long and impressive list of commendations from the customers and will continue to stride for the best.

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Not all recovery vendors are of equal technical capability.  The truth does not evolve from heresay and tittle-tattle. What if an impartial and renowned third party had independently staged a drilling test to find out the best data recovery vendor ? See how ADRC won hands down in this head-to-head shoot out !

Technical  Consideration
The most basic requirement is to work inside a clean room environment so there will be minimum dust contamination on opened disks with higher chance of successful recovery. However, the citing of clean room should never be over-emphasized because  it is just the minimum operating envronment and brings no magic to damaged disk. It is not the foremost factor to shout about. To perform successful recovery, it takes a lot of experience, perseverance and technical know-how to treat the sick media correctly before further deterioration. Due to the diversity of disk models, part numbers and firmware revisions, one will need to have a gigantic stock of disk parts,often in excess of tens of thousands, to service incoming patient drives of various makes. On top of that, there will also be heavy investment in  special tools and utilities, some of which are tailor-made and customized  to tackle special conditions. Surprising,  even with the same tools, different engineers may operate with different outcomes due to its intrinsically complex technical nature.
Think about the illustrious  "Duck Test" :
If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it's probably a duck.

Hope you have identified the right vendor of your choice - your final duck!

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Commendations from Customers
Credential of Vendors
Today we are living in a virtual world. Your first point of contact in getting to know any vendors is frequently through the web portal. There are simply too many  opportunists who put up impressive web pages vaunting their skills and successes. Can you believe them all ?
You can do the following to at least take comfort in your next move :

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