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How Important is the pricing ?
Interestingly,  a good number of customers adopt the lowest price approach. They will look around for vendors who bid the lowest price and send to them first. If the recovery is not successful, they will then go for the next vendor with higher price.

ADRC offers reasonable pricing for all recovery jobs, If you are home user,  you can take advantage of our home user pricing scheme which will be lower than commercial jobs.  Further, we also have special pricing for students and budget-tight users. For Non-Profit-Organization, as long as you could produce the  relevant certification, you will be given special pricing too.

Compare the Best Costing
However, if your data is really valuable, please think twice because the chance of a successful recovery is reduced dramatically whenever the disk is being worked on through some unsuccessful attempts. Modern disk drives come with extremely high magnetic density to accomodate greater storage capacity with incredibly high rotational speed. Unsuccessful or any attempts are likely to add more complexity to the job. In fact, as a rule of thumb, we find that the rates of successful recoveries for second attempt  fall by more than 8 times, especially if the disks have been opened before reaching our lab. Eventually, you may end up paying more when the complexities of job compound, if the data is still retrievable eventually.

Whatever the case, you call the shots though you must understand the implication before moving on.
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ADRC offers good pricing support
If you have UOB Visa/Master card, we can even offer interest free installment plan for up to a year.

Please contact us to know more.

We can help in lowering the cost of recovery
There is no cheapest rate because depending on who you ask,  some one is always ready to quote you a cheaper rate. A pc repair shop who knows little about hard disk recovery can quote you a  price rediculously lower than  a data recovery specialist. However, you are unlikely to get the job done satisfactorily by the dabbler and on top of that, you end up with a disk  that goes to pot with lower chance of recovery.
To some, the seek for lowest price may be preferred because they do not feel that the data is of  extreme importance anyway. They just want to get back the data at the lowest possible cost and it is perfectly fine if they lose the data. For this group of users, we could not agree more.