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Prevent Data Loss
Always soft eject a usb  drive properly by using the "Eject" function provided by the operating system.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can avoid data loss alrogether  by following  three golden rules and some good habits:

Prevent Lost of Data
Rule 1 - Always backup your data
Good Working Practice
Ensure your system is well protected by anti-virus software with regular updates
Email is the most common way to contact malwares. Do not open any file attachment from unknown senders
It is a good habit to divide your disk into a system and data zone. In case of trouble, you can always reinstall the new OS in the system partition without affecting  the data.
When you transfer data, use "copy" command instead of "move". "Move" command actually performs copy and then delete. In case the move process runs into problem, it may result in lost of data.. To be on the safe side,  copy and then delete the un-necessary files later.
Follow proper shutdown procedure without doing a power reset.
Three Golden Rules Against Data Loss
Rule 2 - Verify your backup frequently
Rule 3 - Please refer to Rule 1 and 2
Good habbit to follow
When the computer is not in use, always shut it down instead of switching to power-save or hibernation mode or sleep mode.  This is especially so if you are taking the notebook on the move